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Wenhui Food Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 1997, is a big professional Non-dairy creamer manufacturer with rich experience in China.

 So far, Wenhui Food owes two production bases, Shantou Wenhui and Shanghai Wenhui respectively. Our three brands, Wenhui, Fulldream and Naike are favored by numerous enterprises and consumers.

Guangdong Wenhui Food Co., Ltd. covers an area of 100 acres and owes eight automatic production lines, mainly produce Wenhui, Naike series non dairy creamer, whose annual production achieves 100,000 tons. Meanwhile, Shanghai Wenhui Food Industry Co.,Ltd. covers an area of 90 acres and owes four automatic production lines, mainly produce Fulldream series non dairy creamer, whose annual production reaches 80,000 tons.

 Wenhui Food’s philosophy is Safety, Health, Integrity, Quality, we devoted to manufacturing organic, healthy, safe and high-quality food ingredient.

 We believe quality is the eternal theme of every enterprise. Without high quality, enterprise could not survive in the competitive market. Only high quality can win markets and provide Wenhui Food with fruitful future.


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